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A pink silky fabric background, with the cover of my book, Single Indemnity, in the center. Surrounding the book are arrows connecting it to the following features and tropes in the book: Wise-Cracking Dame; British Sexy-Nerd Cinnamon Roll; An Imaginary Husband; Forbidden Relationship (pesky Imaginary Husband!); Workplace Romance at a 1940s Hollywood Studio; Steamy Screwball-Noir Shenanigans; Cary Grant cameo (yes, *that* Cary Grant). A caption across the bottom reads "Available Now!"

Available NOW!

Cover of Single Indemnity, featuring (against a purple background) a brunette white woman with red lipstick, wearing a black dress and a yellow tape measure draped around her neck and holding a pair of silver scissors, embraces a blonde white man, mouth open in shock, wearing glasses and a white shirt, tan vest, and dark tie, and holding a baseball behind her back. A blue band with yellow lettering across the bottom reads "Single Indemnity. Brianne Gillen."


Nate & Colin’s screwball-noir love story is here! SINGLE INDEMNITY, book 2 in the Phoenix Pictures series, is available in both eBook and Paperback. Grab yours HERE!

Want a sneak peek? Check out this Exclusive Excerpt along with my big Cover Reveal (thanks to Silvana Reyes!) at Frolic.

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Also Available…

Image of the book cover for Difficult by Brianne Gillen. A classic film poster-inspired image of a dark-haired woman smiling over her shoulder at a brown-haired man smiling cheekily at her, against a blue, red, and yellow background.



See how it all began!

DIFFICULT, book 1 in the Phoenix Pictures series, about fierce dames & cinnamon-roll gents finding love in late-1940s Hollywood. Get your copy HERE!