Sea Creatures Prefer Redheads

a Romance Novella from the



Cover of Sea Creatures Prefer Redheads. An illustration of two hands, one a white woman with red nail polish and the other a purple, scaly, iridescent monster hand. A dark blue background with assorted floating bubbles, and a purple band across the bottom. "Sea Creatures" is in green wavy letters, while "prefer Redheads" is in red and pink letters, respectively.

She creates fantastic monsters for a living. But her imagination is a lot closer to reality than she ever dreamed possible…

In the golden age of movie-making, monster flicks are all the rage, and Opal Prince loves her job as a specialty makeup artist at Neptune Pictures—if only her boss would stop taking credit for her work. Her current creation, the titular creature in The Kelp-Dweller from Fathoms Below, might just be her favorite yet. And it doesn’t hurt that the handsome actor underneath is quickly swimming his way into her heart.

Adrian Waterson has a secret, and his redheaded colleague’s uncanny design threatens to unmask him. It’s no accident the rising movie star keeps to himself; the last thing he needs is word getting out about the real reason aquatics come so naturally to him—and precisely how human he isn’t. The closer he gets to Opal, the greater that risk becomes…and the more he longs to be himself with her.

When their newfound romance breaks a years-long curse, the pair must learn to navigate uncharted waters. Especially if they want to remain part of each other’s worlds…

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