Flames, Flirts & Festivals Anthology

featuring my story, First Harvest of Love


The cover of Flames, Flirts & Festivals, featuring a black woman with curly dark hair and a white man with long brown hair embracing, with sparklers and flames in the background. The name of the anthology is in yellow text, with all of the author names below it in white text.

It was a treat to be a part of this fabulous anthology, which was sadly only available for a limited time. BUT! You can still read my story — it’s now available for FREE, exclusively for my Newsletter subscribers! Sign up here (or through the form on the right/bottom of this page).

About the Anthology:

Flirting always gets me into trouble. Flaming hot trouble …

From Samhain to Up Helly Aa, these sizzling stories by award-winning and bestselling authors will whisk you away to celebrations around the globe. Featuring spectacular locations, diverse characters, and rich storytelling, you’re sure to find something to love.

Come join the fun as we eat, drink, and live happily ever after.


Everleigh Allen, A.R. Bell, Brianne Gillen, Milly Gray, Allegra Johnson, Chele MacCabe, Maida Malby, A.M. Roark, Saharra Sandhu, Alexa Santi, Heather Scarlett, Catherine Stein


🔥 Featuring First Harvest of Love:

When two friends become lovers, the path ahead looks bright—if they can find the bravery to embark on that journey side-by-side.

In 1937, after a year of cross-country correspondence, recipe historian Linda Talbot and aspiring chanteuse Rhona “Ronnie” O’Hara have forged a strong bond of friendship—and captured each other’s hearts. Finally in the same city of New York on the eve of the Irish festival of Lughnasadh, the women share a magical, passionate night. 

But the light of day brings with it the return of their trepidations, as past hurts and family obligations loom large. Both Ronnie and Linda must make a decision—stay in their comfort zones, or fight for their newfound love and reap the rewards of the seeds they’ve sown together.