Single Indemnity

Phoenix Pictures, Book 2


Cover of Single Indemnity, featuring (against a purple background) a brunette white woman with red lipstick, wearing a black dress and a yellow tape measure draped around her neck and holding a pair of silver scissors, embraces a blonde white man, mouth open in shock, wearing glasses and a white shirt, tan vest, and dark tie, and holding a baseball behind her back. A blue band with yellow lettering across the bottom reads "Single Indemnity. Brianne Gillen."Conspiring with your lover to do away with your husband should be a straightforward task—especially when said husband is entirely fictional

One Very Fake Husband…

Natalie “Nate” Reynolds has it all—a thriving career as one of golden-era Hollywood’s top costume designers, fantastic (and famous) friends…and a husband she invented years ago in a misguided attempt to land a job. That is, until her new project throws her a curve in the shape of a bumbling Brit with the sexiest voice she’s ever heard, and her carefully woven charade starts to fray.

One Very Real Lover…

Rising screenwriting star Colin Canfield’s move to Tinseltown could be precisely what he needs to finally find his path again after the war. But his fresh start is about to get turned upside down by the wise-cracking dame of his dreams…who needs his help in keeping her whopper of a secret.

One Hell of a Tangled Web…

The plot heats up alongside their relationship, as Nate and Colin become embroiled in a real-life drama wilder than the movies they make. When Nate’s lie tap dances them straight into screwball-noir disaster, it threatens to unravel the tapestry around—and between—them. But it might just give them the boost they need to rewrite their wrongs together…

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